Monday, December 13, 2010

Important as hell


I sent an email just like this the other day, but for whatever reason, you didn't open it. My subject line must have bored you...

Please accept my apologies... It's important as hell that you pay close attention to this message.

Here's what I sent:
Learn more here -->
I'm in the beginning phase of building a multi-million dollar business from home and I'm looking for a handful of sharp people to work with.

Make no mistake about this, the income level is SPECTACULAR (like multiple 6 figures).

Learn more here -->

There's a performance bonus paid quarterly that for some of my partners is more than the average cost of a car in the US.

We're specifically looking for people who can see themselves earning 6-figures (from home), starting part-time.

Want to see what we're doing and how we can really generate that kind of income and life?

Take some time and browse our website. If it clicks for you, call me as soon as possible.

I'm making my final cut soon, so time is of the essence.

Here's that link:
If you are not interested go to the very bottom of this email and opt yourself out of any further emails.

Thank you for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Now non-existent April is recognized as an entrepreneur

Hi April,
I know you've seen many opportunities on the Internet. But, let me reassure you, not only is this the hottest online business today, it is also the one that has been tested by hundreds of entrepreneurs like yourself. Those business owners have PROVEN that the Our System really works.
What makes it so effective a business-building tool? Because it is a fully automated system that puts the power of the PC and the vast universe of the Internet to work for you.
Even as you read this, your entire Support Team is busy, busy placing new Tour Takers into your SuccessLine.
While you are enjoying your FREE Test Drive of the System, keep an eye on how your SuccessLine is growing and growing.
Rest assured, April, that you can count on me working with you every step of the way to help you get started and earning money right away. It won't be me alone, either. The rest of your Training and Support Team will be there for you, too.


Sue Condon

April can be a "liononce"


It’s true: we’re all getting older. And while some say age is all in the mind, it does sometimes show in the body — when you can’t seem to perform the same in the bedroom as you used to. Now there’s Excel, an all-natural solution to your woes between the sheets.

We’ve carefully blended a proven mix of herbs that will take years off your age, letting you perform in bed like the young lion you once were. You’ll feel like you’re back in your 20s — or even younger — after taking Excel for just a few short weeks. And renewed sexual prowess won’t be your only benefit: you’ll also feel less anxious, more relaxed, and healthier overall, thanks to the bonus properties of our 100% pesticide-free herbal ingredients. Some of our ingredients, long used as aphrodisiacs around the world, even intensify the pleasure you feel at your partner’s touch. Imagine all of these benefits — with no side effects to speak of!

job offer for a person who does not exist

Good Morning, April Wong.

This is Lourdes Ruiz at JKH Construction, LLC. I am a Personnel Manager and I have a vacancy for you. I'm searching for Customer Service Managers in your area currently and I got your resume from a resume company.

Let me give you brief description of what the company does and what the position entails. We are headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. We specialize in interior and exterior design.

As a Customer Service Manager you will need to work with our Contractors. Your major responsibility will be to distribute money between Contractors. You will deal with local banks, Western Unions and Moneygrams. We will assist you with setting up a business account to process these payments. You do Not have to spend anything to start working. We will cover all expenses associated with the job upfront.

If you need a complete breakdown of the job and its requirements, please respond to this email.

Thanks, Lourdes Ruiz